Side Yard Renovation: Before and After

We’d just moved in.

We installed brand new capet throughout the basement.

It rained.

And if one other person said a pitying ‘welcome to home ownership’, I was likely to blow a gasket! Water wasn’t leaking into the basement, it was pouring. What a mess!

We made some feeble attempts to stop or at the very least slow the waterfall, but to no avail. It just kept coming. That tree in the left is enormous and it’s massive roots had lifted the sidewalk slightly so it sloped towards the house.

So we did the only thing we could think to do. Cue the heavy machinery.

He’s having way too much fun. But good grief that slab was thick. So. Much. Concrete. But as we dug, we discovered the problem. Our foundation was crumbling.

We also discovered just how many roots were causing the damage. Some were thicker than my husband’s biceps. 🏋️

Many people say that the true test of a relationship is doing a construction project together. I’m happy to report we passed the test. We actually had a lot of fun working together, even if the work itself wasn’t fun.

That’s a big hole.

The first step in the repair was to fill in the cracks as best we could.

Then we installed window boxes and a thick tar mastic. It came in giant sheets with an adhesive top and bottom.

Then we installed weather treated landscape timbers and filled in the big hole.

A few more landscape timbers, more dirt, and a couple of hostas made this a pretty garden box. This will keep any water from pooling towards the house.

We added a paver walkway and the hostas started growing. And I think this space looks so pretty!

We didn’t intend on renovating this area, but now that it’s all behind us, I feel it was well worth it.

Welcome to home ownership indeed.