Long time

Yeah. You start with the best intentions and life just gets in the way. Tomorrow my husband will be heading back to work after a month off. 36 hours of status seizures and his brain needed a break. So we’ve been hanging out, enjoying each other’s company, but not much got done. I spent the first week he was home in go-mode before the endorphins wore off and the depression hit. So here we are. A month is gone.

But as it’s the new year, everyone, including me, looks towards the coming year to see how we can improve. I’ve signed up for my first step in doula training. I’m still not sure it’s the path I’m meant to take, but my dear friend has asked me to attend her summer birth and I’d like to be able to attend her well. And it has me thinking if this is a good way to incorporate my passions under one umbrella.

In other news, our third got his official medical diagnosis of autism. We obviously knew given the school testing and our experience with my oldest. But it’s a little more official now and he can start getting ABA therapy now. School hasn’t been doing much, so it’ll be nice to have some better help.

So here’s to a new year. Hopefully ours is uneventful. I pray for boring.